August 2, 2021

Blooming Buds MWS

The Initial Learning Centre


The management is very focused on the all-round development of the tender minds. Children are provided with all the facilities so that they can enjoy their school time and develop an emotional connect with the school. The day scholars are provided with morning Breakfast and Juice in the school and the Day Boarders are provided with Breakfast, Lunch and refreshing Juice in the school itself. The meal chart is designed by a professional dietician and parents get a copy of the menu every month. Other than this the school provides all facilities to the children to groom them in the right direction and to prepare them for the greater hurdles of life. Few of the facilities are mentioned as under:

Nap Room
The school has a cozy and comfortable Nap room where the tiny tots take rest after lunch. An educator and a helper are always on duty to take good care of the kids during their nap time.

Computer Lab

Our well-equipped computer lab facilitates learning by a comprehensive methodology. Through the smart classroom, children enjoy learning through fun ways.


The hot summer afternoons are refreshed by splashing into joyous splashpool activities closely and vigilantly monitored by trained instructors.

Physical Education

Physical education is emphasized at all levels as no education is complete without giving due importance to physical fitness. Values such as self-control, discipline, courage and perseverance are instilled amongst the children through a wide range of games and sports programmes.

Sports / Play Field

The school provides ample opportunities for the physical, mental and moral development of each child. Various options of games & sports are availed to the children as per their interest.

Activity Hall / A V Room

Activities are designed keeping in mind the age and understanding level of the child. Here children are provided a space to come out of their shell to enjoy and develop their motor skills at the same time.

Art & Craft

Children are taught Art & Craft activities to give wings to their imagination and fathom oceans of creativity. At school, we make sure that every child performs to his creative best.

Ball Pool Room

Developing fundamental skills such as fine motor skills and ball skills is the aim while providing Ball Pool Room activity for tiny tots.


Educational & recreational outings are part of the curriculum at BLOOMING BUDS. For nurturing the wanderlust, students along with their educators traverse to multifarious places, gaining knowledge whilst making memories to cherish for their lives.

AC Transport

Keeping in mind the comfort and safety of our children, A.C transport is provided covering all the areas of Gurgaon & DLF escorted by educators and helpers.

Infirmary & Health Check-Up

In order to provide immediate medical assistance during emergencies, a well-equipped infirmary has been established within the school premises.

In order to provide immediate medical assistance during emergencies, a well-equipped infirmary has been established within the school premises.


We adhere to the notion that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. The school is committed to providing the taste buds of the students with homely food homemade recipes with our specially designed and medically certified menu chart.


The branch of Corporation Bank in the school premises not only facilitates the students, their parents and faculty but has also been a boon to the nearby area who use the bank in their normal business and otherwise. The 24 hour ATM is also popular in the vicinity. Locker facilities are also available in the branch.


Our well-equipped store caters to all the school-related requirements such as books, stationery, uniform etc. of the students under one roof. It not only helps to meet their immediate requirements but brings uniformity and sets standards.

Swings & Slides

Children enjoy on various swings, slides & other play stations installed in the play area especially earmarked for the purpose.

Sand Pit

The sandpit area is designed with the intention to give to tiny hands their own world of imagination and creativity. Eye-hand coordination and small muscle control through the use of buckets and shovels make learning fun. Playing in the sandpit allows children to create anything they want to out of the sand. They build castles, roads, towns, rivers, etc.

Story Time / Circle Time

What better a learning way than to hear stories! Students love stories the most whether to hear or to create some of their own. Our storytime with puppets, videos and circle time helps the little ones to reach the pinnacle of their creativity.

Dance & Music

A trained Dance & a music teacher is there to bring out the talent of the kids. Many kinds of dance forms such as classical, ethnic & interactive are taught along with various forms of music such as Indian, western, vocal & instrumental.