August 2, 2021

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Saliva Being Sought For An Experiment

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Saliva Being Sought For An Experiment

“Take your tongue out” and help create the map of the oral microbiome of young people in Spain. With this idea, the Barcelona Genomic Regulation Scientists want to repeat the experience that led them to analyze the saliva of some 2,000 adolescents from all over the country. The objective? Both Obra Social la Caixa and CRG want to analyze the evolution of the microbes in the saliva registered and try to compare it with that of other adults and sick people. In this new edition, the idea is expanded and wants to cover more age groups and population, much more research on pathologies detectable from saliva and more volunteers. In addition, they want to include comparisons with people with celiac disease, fibrosis, and Down syndrome.

Saliva Being Sought For An Experiment

The participation is expected to equal that of the previous edition and thus be able to determine if the bacteria that reside in our saliva depend on lifestyle, environment or genetics. To know, for example, if the microbiome present in the human mouth varies with age and social changes; this is why the long-term and repeated study of the volunteers is essential to the experiment. For this reason, the taking of samples will be repeated to those who already participated at the time to analyze their possible evolution.

From this week until April 2017, the van “Get your tongue out” will tour different cities in Spain. Next year, in the summer of 2018, the experience will be repeated to analyze and compare data.

Beyond the scientific objective of the campaign to analyze the saliva of the volunteers who volunteer, the campaign seeks a different nuance. For many years there has been an important gap between science and society, one far from the other due to misunderstanding; But right now, making science understood is extremely necessary. Awareness of the importance of scientific research and its approach to society so that its long-term goals and virtues can be understood.

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