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How to Change Apple ID

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Change Apple ID

The Apple ID is our identity as users of the brand. When we buy any device from Cupertino, we associate it with our email so that we can have it identified. However, there is nothing permanent in life, and email can change.

Change Apple ID

For whatever reason, if you no longer want to have a specific email such as Apple ID and change it for another, we will tell you how to do it. It couldn’t be easier, so follow our steps so you don’t miss out on detail. Are you ready? Ahead.

Previous considerations. Why change the Apple ID?

We usually have an email that we use more often and we also have other secondary ones. Changing the Apple ID can be due to various factors, let’s imagine that we acquire our own domain we want to change our email. Or that our mail server stops working because it is too old, or because the email was from a job we no longer have.

Apple’s own domains

You may have your email account with some of the domains that Apple makes available to you. These are @ @ or @ The rest of the domains, known as third-party domains such as @hotmail, @gmail or whatever, can also be Apple ID.

How to change our Apple ID if we have an Apple domain

That is, @ @ or @ If this is the case, we can only change our Apple ID to another Apple domain of those three referrals.

  • Go to your computer at and log in.
  • In Account, click on Edit.
  • Click Change Apple ID. Next, a list of emails that you can use as your Apple ID will appear.
  • Choose the one you want to use as Apple ID following the premises that we have described before. You can only change your Apple ID to an email ending in @, @, or @ Finally, press continue.

How to change our Apple ID if we have a domain

The first thing you should do is log out of all your Apple devices. To do so, go to Settings> Click on your name and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Once there you will find “Close session”.

Once done, it works as follows:

  • Go to Settings> Your name> Name, phone numbers, email.
  • Next to Locatable in, tap Edit, then delete your current Apple ID.
  • Hit Continue. Enter the Apple ID you want to use and press next.
  • Verify your new email
  • If we have changed our Apple ID email and it is from a non-Apple server, we have to verify it. They will send us a verification code to that new email, which we must enter when requested. Once done, log in to all your devices again and you will have them working with your new Apple ID.

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