August 2, 2021

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Can Video Games Teach Us History?

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Video Games Teach Us History

Motivating students and making them enjoy themselves while they learn has become the greatest educational challenge faced by those responsible for education: “Spain, for example, continues to be one of the European countries with the highest dropout rate and only motivating the students will be able to reduce these figures – explained Manuel González Riojo, representative of the winning group of the challenge “Hack for Good: I-LINC Innovation in Education” – thanks to the technologies we will change the educational system making it more interactive and personalized ”.

Video Games Teach Us History
This is what the members of SirdonkeyGame, Manuel González, César Díaz-Faes, Patricia Ginés, Escarlata Fernández, Alejandro Romero and Mingo Delgado thought; when they decided to go to the hackathon “Hack for Good” His solution to change the heavy task of studying endless volumes of history now seems simple: create a video game in which you yourself can appear in a historical period and interact with the most important characters of that moment and they have called it StoryGame. “We want to create an inverted education, in which students have as their homework to play to learn and then share their knowledge with the teacher and their classmates.” In the prototype, they developed during the hack.

This great idea delighted the members of the jury and finally won the I-LINC Innovation in Education award. During the awards ceremony, we had the opportunity to test the game, meet Christopher Columbus, and remember part of the history that we had neglected.

The winners confessed that they have already developed new educational resources based on gamification and that they are also having a great reception.

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